Meet Me

Courtesy of Zach Breaux Photography

Courtesy of Zach Breaux Photography

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If music is important to you, I'm glad you found me!

I truly believe the cliche that music is the universal language. My first paid gig was a wedding back in 2007. I brought my mismatching turntables, vinyl, and my dad's home theater speakers. Everyone was impressed that I had "the old ladies rockin and the young people dancing." That feeling of uniting generations with music is where my passion began.

Me and my sister at my first wedding gig back in 2007

Growing up in the Bay Area during the height of the hyphy movement, I began my DJ career digging through promo vinyl at radio stations and lugging crates of essential records to my gigs. I remember after my first year finally earning enough to invest in digitizing my turntablism.

Working with G-Eazy during my freshmen year of college

I went to college in one of the coolest music towns in the world, New Orleans. Even after spinning at some of the biggest clubs in San Francisco, being in NOLA gave me the foundation of my DJ experience. From 2009 to 2016, I opened for superstars, mixed music for clubs around the country, spun records for some of the biggest corporate brands on the planet, and HBO even called me for an episode of Treme.

Wedding at The Green Building in Brooklyn

Now living in Manhattan, I am focused on weddings and corporate events. I thrive on the energy created when the right music is played at the perfect time. I'd like to hear the vision for your event, get in touch today!