History of the DJ Infographic

Whether you're a DJ, musician, or music lover, the history of the DJ is important to how music is created, marketed, and performed. A DJ is the conductor of a party and the DJ's job is to create and maintain the event's energy. Check out this infographic of the history of the DJ below:

History of the DJ

If you're looking for a more indepth historical reference. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life is the quintessential guide to the history of the DJ:


Luke Joachim

DJ CoolHand, New York, New York

CoolHand is a DJ/Producer like no other.  His roots are in Oakland, California, where fresh diverse sets, smooth fades, and crisp cuts are required. He is one of the few young DJs who truly started by lugging turntables, digging for vinyl, collecting old crates at radio stations, and blasting home speakers at various events. By the end of high school, he was spinning regularly at night clubs in San Francisco.

When CoolHand moved to New Orleans, he started by spinning Fridays at the “#1 college bar in the nation” (USA Today), touring with international artists, and performing at industry leading festivals like A3C and SXSW.

His sets are spontaneous and interactive because CoolHand vibes with the party and depends on the energy in the room for his selections. His mixes include multiple genres, remixes, key blending, wordplay, and creative concepts. Whether he is playing for an exclusive event or packed arena, come ready to feel the groove like you never have before.

For more information, please visit: djcoolhand.com