DJ for Hire | Episode 10: Club DJ Stories (Add-On to MyFavoriteDJ Interview with Ron from NY)


This week I add on to DJ Konflict’s Interview with Ron from NY on My Favorite DJ Podcast with a few of my club stories from The Boot, Jax, Club 1913, 30/90, and some NYC clubs. I also recap Midnight Dreams Collective’s Birthday Bash for

RIZR and Eazie at Funkadelic Studios in Times Square.


DJ CPlus

Hey, I just wanted to know if you ever have battled?

DJ Rob

Hi DJ for Hire, thank you for putting on the podcast and congrats on iHeartRadio. Ive been using Serato for years. What DJ Software do you use?

DJ SunZoo

Hey what's up? Just started following. Saw your sponsor. I'm getting back into DJing and want to build it as a business. How do I get more bookings and market effectively through social media?

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