DJ for Hire | Episode 9: Why to Build a Website and How to Make it a Funnel


This week I’m talking about why a DJ should have a website and how to build your website into a funnel. It’s important to have a home base that’s not social media. You should be thinking about a sales funnel when you working on your marketing so don’t just have a website bouncing people out to your social media. Listen to the podcast for more gems.

MDC Show:

Friday, November 16, 2018

Funkadelic Studios

RIZR, EazieDaGod & TheHittList, Mio Soul, .Atlas, Champ Beatz, Seven AM, Johnny Petrop, and Jibreel Price, CoolHand


DJ Velocity

I love your podcast and congrats on iHeartRadio! How do you promote your DJ service?

DJ Kim

Hey DJ CoolHand, What kind of equipment do you use?

DJ Soulja

Hi, I want to charge more for my gigs? How do I get more money?

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