FREQUENTLY asked Questions

Why should I choose you?

I use my 10+ years of experience execute your vision! My professionalism, reliability, and technical knowledge makes me easy to work with.

What are your rates?

My pricing starts at $2,000. Get in touch for more details!

do you mc or speak on the microphone?

Yes and all MCing is professional, tasteful and kept to a minimum as specified by you.

are you an agency?

I book for myself. There are no "middle-men" or an entourage working with me. When you book me, I am the same person your planning with and DJing the day of the event. I have contacts to other great DJs and vendors in New York if I am unavailable or if you need another service.

How far do you travel?

I am based in Manhattan, but travel all over the world for events.

What do you wear?

I feel most comfortable in a suit, but I am open to wear what the event requires.

Will you Advertise at my event with signs or banners?

Nope. Your event is about you. I will not advertise over the microphone or with banners at your event.

What kind of events do you work for?

Being an open format DJ, I can provide music for pretty much any type of event. I've spun at all kinds of clubs, weddings, and private events. Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, engagement parties, school dances, and more. Click here to get in touch about your event.

Do you play dirty or clean versions of songs?

I default to playing clean music. I think it is best to remain family friendly, but if you have a request that I cannot find a clean version of, I will ask.

how do you handle requests before and during my event?

There's no DJ ego from me, I take requests. Honestly, requests can sometimes be off-base, but, more often than not, they give me insight into how some guests feel. I will do my best to satisfy every request while maintaining the best environment. My music is mixed live, so the BPM/key/genre might fit later on or already be the next song cued up.

Before your event, I accept spreadsheets, Spotify playlists, or whatever format is convenient for you. You can be as general by listing only vibes or genres or as specific as you want. There is no limit in how many songs you can request. I pride myself on reading a crowd, but even if you have a set list, that is a creative endeavor in itself.

Can we submit a Do Not Playlist?

Sometimes the best place to start is writing out your "Do Not Playlist." A Do Not Playlist can be as firm as you'd like. Generally, it's easier to know what you don't want than to get into the specifics of what you do.

Do you specialize in international or ethnic genres?

I don't claim expertise in any one international genre; I've done Jewish, Spanish, Greek, Korean, Serbian, Liberian, Italian, Irish, Persian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, German, Indian, and Bosnian events. I am not bilingual, but can connect you to a bilingual MC.

What kind of equipment do you use?

All is top professional-quality DJ equipment. Click here to check out my equipment page.

Do you bring lights, fog, tv monitors, etc?

My focus is the music. I bring the best sound system. If you are interested in lighting and more, I will help you coordinate with a lighting vendor.

How long will you hold my date?

I truly run a no-pressure operation. I want you to have the freedom to meet other DJs and choose me instead of being pressured by time or money. I only schedule meetings for dates that are available and I hold dates for a week after meeting or speaking by phone. There are no obligations for me or you before the contract is signed and retainer received. Once booked, the day is yours to allow for maximum time flexibility.

When do you arrive to my event?

I like to arrive a minimum of 1 hour before your event, but I try to be there up to 3 hours before.

How do you motivate guests if no one is dancing?

This is the difference between a good DJ and a bad DJ: judgement. Music is the best motivator, but I will invite people to the dancefloor, if necessary.

What genres of music do you like?

I was raised in the 90's so I have a soft spot of golden-era hip-hop and pop music. I am an open format DJ, meaning that I listen to, play, and mix any style of music from house to soul to reggaeton.

are you insured?

Yes, I carry the standard liability insurance policy that is required by all venues and will email this to your venue or planner before your event.

What is your backup plan?

I carry back-up hard drives of music and equipment so there are no hiccups day of. If I am for some extreme reason not able to perform (hospitalization, etc.), I have a network of DJs that are qualified to be an emergency replacement.

how many events do you book per day?

Just one. The date you book is your day so you get the customized, personal service you expect.

What are first steps?

Click here to contact me with date, venue, and timeline. I respond within a few hours, usually within minutes of receiving your email. Next steps would be a phone call or in-person meeting.


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