My Pricing starts at $1,500

Quick note:

Everyone has a budget. People come first, money comes second. I just ask that you understand this is my livelihood and how I pay my family's bills. I don’t ever want to be hired just for the price. The last thing I want is to be haggled and not appreciated. I want to be hired because you recognize my talent and you truly want the best music at your event. I strive to make the whole money thing easy to talk about. We can change some things around and customize it for your needs or if you are having a weekday event that always helps to work with budgets as well. If you truly love my style, my transparency, know this is my career and appreciate me – I am more than willing to openly discuss budget and make something work.

Here's why I'm worth it:

Only the best

QSC K12 and K8 Speakers

QSC K12 and K8 Speakers

Sound system

No volume issues. The best music needs the best sound system. Don't settle on DJs with lesser speakers. The QSCs carry the energy of the music I mix and ensures a good, clean sound. When it comes to sound, DJs are only as strong as their weakest link, so I make sure I use the best.

Pioneer DJM900nxs2 with XDJ1000's

Pioneer DJM900nxs2 with XDJ1000's

Mixing Gear

No laptop. I mix on the same gear used by the best professional DJs around the world. By using XDJ's instead of a controller, my gear is more reliable and actually sounds better than the competition. With this top-of-the-line gear, you can be assured my live mixes can keep the engergy all night long!

Shure ULX-D with handheld

Shure ULX-D with handheld

Wireless Mic

No microphone feedback. The ULX-D is the state-of-the-art industry standard. This mic doesn't have the feedback problems that others do. It is the choice wireless mic for touring artists around the globe including Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and more because it gives a clear, uninterupted sound.

Sample Mixes


Clients know that I am reliable, professional, and fun to work with that's why 90% of my business come from returning customers and referrals.

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Heidi R.
163d ago

Arrived on time, quick set up, played all prior requests, as well as show time requests, exactly what I was hoping for. Simply did a fantastic job! Very highly recommended!

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