#Curated - Bounce

After living in New Orleans for 7 years, I have played and partied to my share of bounce music. Whether it's a remix to the newest pop single (Adele - Rolling in the Deep comes to mind) or a complete original (like DJ Jubliee - Walk It Like A Dog), people have been twerking to bounce music long before Miley Cyrus. The music is based on a couple original beats. There is the Triggerman Beat, Brown Beat (couldn't find it on Soundcloud), Derek B's Rock The Beat, and Cheeky Blakk's Get Off Me. These beats along with a lot of adlibs are used as a back beat to remixes and originals.

Here's a link to a short Bounce documentary called The B.E.A.T. that Beyonce took scenes for the Formation music video from: https://vimeo.com/58423297

If you're looking to spin some bounce in your next set, I highly recommend grabbing the new scratch record by DJ Yamin, Quicky Mart and Tony Skratchere: https://djyamin.bandcamp.com/album/nola-bounce-breaks-v1