DJ for Hire | Episode 7: 5 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding DJ


Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. You’re closest family and friends (and some distant relatives you have to invite) come together to celebrate the love between you and your partner. Our clients often tell us that hiring a wedding DJ is one of their most important steps. They don’t want the stereotypical rent a DJ that plays the same songs you hear at every wedding. Mobile DJs get a bad wrap of sticking to the most cliche music. Music is important to our clients and we get excited when we’re asked to play unique DJ sets. One of the questions that we’re never asked directly, but I’m sure one of the most researched questions is How Do I Save Money on my Wedding DJ. Finding a cost effective (talented + affordable) Wedding DJ in NYC can be a challenging task. I’m here to help you on your quest to save money on the best wedding DJ of your dreams. Aren’t you happy you found Remixologists!

  1. Wedding Date

One of the biggest factors of the cost of your wedding is demand, which is determined by your wedding date. According to the popular wedding planning website, WeddingWire, (and our own experience) Fall is the most popular time of the year for weddings. Clients choose the fall for the fall breeze and beautiful color of the leaves. Spring and early summer coming in a close second for the warmth, blooming flowers and greenery during outdoor ceremonies. These popular times mean these are our busiest months. But, if you plan your wedding off-season in the winter months, you may get big discounts on your wedding including your DJ services. Personally, I was able to save a ton of money by having my wedding in the off-season in Manhattan. With the average Manhattan wedding costing $45,000, my wife and I were able to save thousands of dollars on our wedding vendors.

2. Audio Setup

Some questions to ask your venue: do you have speakers? Can my DJ use them? If we can save the time and energy not having to lug our own state-of-the-art sound, we can pass the savings on to your wedding DJ package. Many venues that we frequent have built in sound like the Green Building, Glasserie at the Box Hotel, and the NoMad Hotel to name just a few. We use the most efficient and top of the line mixing gear and speaker systems. We bring a separate pair of speakers for each part of your wedding. If the venue has speakers built in for the cocktail hour, ceremony, or sometimes even reception, you may save some money. Be sure to ask your venue and let us know in the contact form if your venue has speakers. We can also suggest they might if we’ve been there before.

3. Location

Remixologists DJ services travel around the world as destination wedding DJs, as well as, being a local DJ service for weddings and events in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. We love to travel. We are honored that we are requested to play many weddings in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Tuscany, Harbour Island, and more but, to be real, travel costs can be expensive. We offer all inclusive pricing, so you’ll never be surprised. Naturally, a wedding in Brooklyn will be less expensive in travel than Los Angeles. We love being a part of unique weddings near and far.

4. Hire a DJ that Can Do Both

At the Remixologists, our DJs are each a “one man band” so to speak. We come to setup (sometimes with an assistant), mix your favorite music, and also MC for your wedding. It’s not a big crew which again saves you money on your wedding DJ entertainment. Our MCing includes formal announcements, but we stay away from monologues and dad jokes. We have a policy of letting the music speak for itself. Some our clients even opt out of introductions. We, of course, accommodate to your style of wedding. In the past, I’ve done introductions, wedding games, bouquet tosses, narrated tea ceremonies, but we don’t need to do any of it in order to have a great time.

5. Book Early

The sooner you book, the better the deal you’ll get. We have clients that book as far out as 18 months. That may seem far away, but it’s both a way to save and a way to ensure you get your first choice DJ. On average, clients book about 12 months from their wedding day because they want to make sure they get us before we have a full calendar. This also means they save money because we’re not changing plans to squeeze in another last minute wedding for the weekend. Booking far out also helps us be prepared and give us plenty of time to plan all the details of your wedding.

At the end of the day, it’s worth hiring a professional wedding DJ. We provide the best wedding music service period. Don’t waste time with amateurs that will look at your wedding as their chance to perform on their days off from work. We understand that we are a DJ service so we cater to your music preferences and take care of the rest. We have an easy to follow DJ outline template that makes it easy to send us your music. There’s no stress to pick out specific songs, but also feel free to request as much as you want. I like clients that both rely on my skill, but also introduce me to music I haven’t mixed before. If you want a DJ to play the soundtrack to your dream wedding, contact us for a quote and let us know if any of the above apply to your big day.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions, feel free to email me at or DM me @djcoolhand on Instagram.