My Clients Love This Jeweler

Photo Courtesy of Martin Bentsen of  City Headshots NYC

Photo Courtesy of Martin Bentsen of City Headshots NYC



Why I recommend Inner Expressions:

  • Honest, genuine, and great value
  • Concierge (so luxury without the overhead of a brick and mortar shop)
  • Her family has generations of experience and direct connections in the jewelry business

Here's My Experience with Carol:

When we moved to NYC, my wife and I started from scratch. I did some Yelp research and wandered into some shops and got some quotes. I originally went with another highly-rated jeweler for work on my wife's engagement ring. But after the sale, he was late, came in over the initial budget (I had some custom work done), and, even after being late, openly forgot to do some critical repairs on earrings my wife's grandmother gave her to wear on her wedding day. Therefore, I had to continue my search. After a recommendation from a friend, enter Carol. From our first meeting, I could tell she was genuinely interested in what I needed and, after comparing to the quotes I received for previous work, I could tell that she gives me a better value. Her work on our wedding bands went above and beyond, was on time, and I have since purchased numerous gifts for my wife and, admittedly, myself from her.

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